Free Android OBD2 Tools

OBD2 Terminal
OBD2 Terminal
Simple application that allows you to connect to the car ECU via OBD Protocol.
This application uses the device ELM327 Bluetooth Adapter OBD connector and to communicate with different vehicles.
ELM 327 Bluetooth Adapter is a device for the cars of joining through the 16-pin OBD diagnostic connector.
This application is a simple terminal that supports all device commands ELM327.
Most of generic OBDII PIDs are fetched from available list have support formulas Get technical help at: Support Forum
ATZ - reset all
AT SP0 - automatic protocol detection
AT WS - warm start
AT@1- display the device desription
AT@2 - display the device identifier
AT H1 - set headers on
AT H0 - set headers off
AT SP n - set protocol to n
AT DP - Describe the current protocol
AT AL - allow long (>7 byte) messages
AT AR - automatic receive
AT AT0 - adaptive timing off
AT AT1 - adaptive timing auto1
AT AT2 - adaptive timing ato2
AT BD - perform buffer dump
AT CAF0 - CAN auto format off
AT CAF1 - CAN auto format on

Here Some Generic OBDII PIDs (hexadecimal format without part of 0x):
03 - show stored diagnostic trouble codes
04 - clear stored trouble codes and stored values
07 - show pending trouble codes
0A - show permanent diagnostic trouble codes
0902 - VIN vehicle identification number
0904 - calibration ID
0100 - PIDs supported [1..20]
010C - engine RPM - rpm, formula: (256*A + B)/4
010D - vehicle speed - km/h, formula : A